Veteran Aid

Oaksterdam University’s Commitment to Veterans

The men and women who serve in the United States military deserve the honor, respect and thanks of a grateful nation. Cannabis has been shown to be helpful in reintegrating veterans into civilian life after traumatic brain injury, neuropathic pain and PTSD, or simply as a harm reduction technique safer than alcohol and many Rx drugs.

“Viet Nam vets have shown me that, in many cases, cannabis is the one medicine that has consistently helped their seriously disabling symptoms, allowing them to function, hold jobs, keep their relationships intact, and raise families for the past 30 or so years, when years of therapy and numerous meds have not,” explains Frank H. Lucido, MD in Berkeley, CA

While no single act can truly thank those who served, Oaksterdam offers support in the form of education and opportunity. Oaksterdam has a long-standing partnership with our military veterans  and veteran organizations. In addition to providing scholarship for any of our courses, Oaksterdam established the Freedom Fighters Scholarship Fund (FFSF) which offers a full scholarship to one of our Classic or Horticulture Seminars. Established in 2013, the FFSF is a private fund, dependent on private donations.

“We believe these brave souls returning to the private sector can completely alter the rest of their lives for the better once they find a new mission in life, and become freedom fighters for their medicine.” – Dale Sky Jones

Scholarship Options:

Oaksterdam provides two options for Veterans seeking financial assistance:

• Veteran Discount: 15% off Seminar tuition

• Veteran Scholarship : OU offers a total of 12 Veteran Scholarships a year. Applicable to any 2 Day Seminar.

Application Process

Veteran Discount:

  • Include your Veteran ID or DD 214 in our standard enrollment application as you need to request the discount upon enrolling to receive the 15% discount.


Veteran Scholarship:


Essay Requirements:

The essay must be a minimum of 2-pages – maximum of 4 pages typed, double spaced.

Include the following information:

  • Background – Personal
  • Background – Military Duty
  • Why you chose Oaksterdam University
  • Why you need this scholarship
  • What you hope to achieve by attending an OU Seminar

* Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Application Dates and Deadlines

Application and Essay must be received on or before the due dates below

Spring Seminar Offerings (Jan-April) 
Application+Essay Due date: Jan 1
FFSF Recipient Notification date: Feb 1

Summer Seminar Offerings (May/Aug)
Application+Essay Due date: May 1
FFSF Recipient Notification date: April 1

Fall Seminar Offerings (Aug-Dec)

Application+Essay Due date: Aug 1

FFSF Recipient Notification date: Sept 1

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